Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures from Texas (part 1)!

Here are the pictures from Texas! I'll tell you alittle about each picture! We hope you enjoy them!

This is TCU's football stadium! It is massive! We had tickets for that nights game! We sat on this side on the upper deck! Let me tell ya, it was a hike, but the seats were amazing and in the shade - added bonus!
Now you can see the front of the seats in the stadium! I took this picture of Paul and Caitlin on our "guided" tour. Again, Caitlin told us so much more about her school then the guides did! This picture is taken in the new Student Center (the B.L.U.U.)! That night we went to the football game and out seats were just to the left of the "T" in TCU. Again great seats!

This is the new Student center. It opened in August. The water fountain is called Frog Pond (I think!) and is at the other end of the student center. The following pictures are of the campus!

As you can see the campus is beautiful! Paul and I feel this was a very good choice for Caitlin! The campus very well laid out. They have a number you can call if you need a ride back to your dorm room if it is too late and you don't want to walk by yourself. The dorms are all accessed with the students ID cards. And they have meal plans to eat and there is always a place open late for those who need a snack or late dinner! The following pictures are of the front of the school, and the "Horned Frog" statue that everyone rubs or kisses before an exam for good luck! Since Caitlin didn't have an exam, I had her stand on a wall and we had her pretend to kiss it. The statue is pretty far from her so there was no way she could have accidentally kissed it!

Well that is all that I have right now. More pictures will be coming in the next few days! Hope you enjoyed taking a look into Cailtin's world! We sure had a great time with Caitlin and seeing her school but still miss her everyday!

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