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Welcome to our Blog!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Breaking and Entering Christmas...

Today, I received some very good news for someone that is very dear to my family! But to start this the right way, I have to go back a little and give you the background to this person and about what happened. First, this person is my cousin Nick's girlfriend Ashley. Ashley is an incredible person with a huge heart. She has been living with her dad and 3 brothers up in Ramona. Her mother is not in the picture. Her dad has been very ill for a very long time and unfortunately this year her dad past away. Ashley and her brothers were left with nothing due to the fact that everything they had went to pay the bills. Ashley has been supporting her dad and brother this whole time, while also attend school. Since her dads passing she has had to put her school on hold and work full time to keep her family together.

Now, every year at this time a radio station here in San Diego does this thing called "Little Tommy's Breaking and Entering Christmas." The radio station asks for letters to be sent telling them about someone you know that really needs help at this time of year. They reveiw all the letters and then pick one. Once they have picked the letter (or family) they get more information about the family and what they need from the person who sent the letter. Then, on a given morning somewhere in San Diego, they make sure the family is out of the house and then they "break in" with the help of family members or friends and create "Christmas"! Well, Ashley was picked this year! My aunt and uncle took Ashley and her brothers out to breakfast this morning, and my cousin, Nick, went to the apartment to let the crew in! The crew was lead by Mr. Steve Finley! Here is what they did:

- dental exams and cleanings for all 4
- chairs for their dinette set
- a new couch
- vacuum cleaner
- printer
- numerous gift cards for stores, gas, groceries
- pastries, bagels, turkey in the freezer, a counter full of food
- lines, blankets, comforter
- jackets, t-shirts, sweaters
- wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree which included: t-shirts, socks, games, basketball, football, 2 signed baseballs by Steven Finley
- And last but not least, a CAR will be delivered this afternoon.

When Ashley and her brothers got back to the apartment, they were quite shocked to see what had taken place while they were at breakfast! I'm not sure if she knows who sent the letter or who even did the breaking and entering at this point. But Ashley and her brothers so deserve this! They have been through so much this year and always seem to have a smile to share! This is what Christmas truly means! Merry Christmas Ashley! You are loved!


thefwfoxes said...

that's awesome! We have a radio station that does Christmas wishes for people in need and I cry every time I listen to one. Wish we were there to celebrate with you guys! Hope to see you soon.

homecooks said...

What a wonderful story. That is so cool. May 2009 be a blessed year for them. Thank you for sharing it with us!